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Infant Sleep Training

Helpful Hints on

HOW TO HELP YOUR CHILD SLEEP BETTER. By Dr. Gary Feldman - Medical Director

Every child is unique, and every situation is different, rather than a cookie cutter approach, a customizable plan will be more successful.

In all sleep challenges, the child's behavior is learned, and if the behavior is learned, then it can be unlearned. No child likes to change and will give strong push back when they are expected to change their behavior.

  • To promote independent sleep, we need to create a plan that is designed to fit your child's temperament.

  • Is your child easygoing and does he/she adapt well to change?

  • Does your child have a difficult temperament and find change difficult? Is your child anxious? ​Has your child experienced a recent surgery or illness? Has your child experienced a recent surgery or illness?

  • Parental factors may also interfere with a treatment plan... Parents may prefer to leave things as they are because of perceived difficulty. Know that changing your child's sleep patterns will require Commitment​, Consistency​ & Follow through​. If you stop the process before you receive the desired results, you will reinforce the behavior you are trying to extinguish.

  • Remember no one knows your child better than you! read more...

To create a customizable plan that you as a parent are comfortable will work, call us today at 949-446-8990, or click here to book your one on one consultation with Dr. Feldman today!